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Please leave a comment and credit if you use or take any, thankyou. :)

[30] The Saturdays ('Forever Is Over' video stills & 2010 calander shots)
[14] Delta Goodrem (performing in 2008)
Christina Aguilera ('Back To Basics' album booklet shots)
[9] The Veronicas (new photoshoot)

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I love Delta icons #1, 3 and 4! I'll credit you when I use them :)

Every single one of the Saturdays ones I absolutely adore!! :)

lovely icons
taking some of the saturdays :)

Hi! I really love your icons! I love the coloring you use. It's not too overwhelming at all! :D Which is why I wanted to extend a small invitation to join us over at xtina_challenge to submit some original cool new icons to the challenge! We are an ORIGINAL (OG!) icon challenge that has been around for nearly 5 years *5 years in Jan 2010!!* and we really would love to see some new fresh faces around there and you would be an excellent addition to the many entries we hope to recieve in the coming months.

Please let me know if you are able to join in! I really hope you can make it over to us!

Thank you so much and best of luck on all icons *not that you need luck!!!*


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